Zinc Plus - Modular Kitchens, Fittings & Accessories

Now Zinc Plus is a well known brand of Modular Kitchen & Accessories followed by fantastic quality at a realistic price. We are here just to focus contemporary living means that the focal point of the house is now the kitchen.

Thanks believe in us for a one and a half decade keeping in mind your support, we are now coming up a add-on in or series with unique collection a complete overseas stuff in Modular Kitchen & Accessories. Zinc Plus has an experience of over 8 years in the modular kitchen industry and hence understands the consumer's taste very well. Zinc Plus also has an inhouse team of designing professionals. From customized modular kitchen solutions within a budget to easy installment of the kitchen, Zinc Plus stands true to its specialist image.



Zinc Plus is a specialist in kitchen solutions. From kitchen accessories to appliances, Zinc Plus provides everything you need, to transform your kitchen into a specialist kitchen.