1. EXPERIENCE - with our well reach, and 1000’s of jobs delivered to happy customers, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and experience to make your  project a success
  2. PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE - We work closely with our suppliers and direct customers to make sure we know everything possible about the products we supply. From trips to all over India, and Delhi, to staff training days, we make sure we are always experts in our field.
  3. HIGHLY TRAINED - all our staff are constantly trained in best practice working techniques, and with our regular supplier visits our staff know all the latest trends and manufacturing methods so they can recommend the best furniture for you. We aim to provide a significantly higher level of customer service than anyone else in our industry.
  4. RANGE OF PRODUCTS - we cater for a vast array of different venues from Modular Kitchen, to their fittings. We can only provide for these customers by being able to supply a wide range of products. This means you can be confident that if you want a particular product, we can get it for you!
  5. INTERNATIONAL MANUFACTURERS - We know more about the processes your KITCHENS goes through that some other state. We provide designers, CAD technicians, and expert craftsmen to make your kitchens individual to your needs, whilst being of the highest quality.
  6. ATTENTIVE - We go the extra mile to please our customers and we will stop at nothing until a job is complete and our customers are happy.
  7. COMMUNICATION - our staff are constantly in touch with customers from the moment they call, email or request a quote online. You get a dedicated consultant to help you through your project, to final delivery and our expert aftercare service
  8. TRUSTWORTHY - With our knowledge, history, expertise and reach, we don’t push our most expensive products to customers. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a carefully tailored solution to every customers’ budget.
  9. FRIENDLY - We pride ourselves on having friendly and courteous staff who go the extra mile to help our customers successfully complete their projects. You can read what some of our recent customers have said here
  10. QUALITY OF PRODUCTS - All our products are carefully researched and tested by us to ensure they are fit for contract use. All our suppliers work closely with the industry quality testing authorities.