Kitchen Designs Tips


The design of your venue is an integral part of its success. The design is responsible for the venue theme, layout, flow and furniture, and inevitably your brand. Design isn't singularly an aesthetic aspect, it can be key to an efficient cooking space, increase your turnaround and if successfully applied, keep your customers coming back.


At Zinc Plus our clients are regularly asking questions such as 'how large should kitchen be?' and 'can I fit more covers into my space?'  Our Expers should hopefully be answering some of those more puzzling questions at a rather stressful time for any new or current business. If the design of a venue is successfully attended to and adequate time is appointed to this crucial aspect, your efforts will undoubtedly be a push towards a great customer experience. And who isn't after satisfied customers?


ASK ZINC PLUS EXPERT: Have a question about your venue? We have experts on hand to answer any query you may have whether you are looking for new Modular Smart Kitchen, or how best to make use of your existing Kitchen. We are happy to help if we can.